With the Power of Collaboration, BIG Things Happen


After spending years developing the St. Luke's Restoration of Nature project, Master Watershed Steward Betsy Love is no stranger to writing grants, knocking on the door of the permitting office and educating her neighbors about stormwater runoff. 

Master Watershed Steward Molly LaChapelle and her neighbors are also pursuing a large stream restoration project on Cattail Creek and were looking for help.

Together with Steward Daniel Walton and Claudia Donegan of MDDNR, Betsy gave Molly and her neighbors Bob, Karen and Elizabeth a tour of the St. Luke's Restoration project in Eastport.

While maneuvering around step pools and trampling over invasives, Betsy shared her successes and opportunities. She stressed the importance of patience and the significance of asking questions.

Throughout the last three years, Betsy continued to inquire about aspects of the project from design to construction. When others ask questions, she finds the answer. "Don't be afraid to bring in others to address concerns," she told the Berrywood residents. 

As the Berrywood community moves forward with their project, they have Betsy’s support and guidance. Walking through the project, Betsy pointed out fish in one of the step pools. "How did they get in there?" one of the Berrywood residents asked. "I'm not sure," said Betsy. "They jumped over some hurdles, but somehow they found their way."