Stewards Lead Community Outreach

September 30th  was a big day for environmental engagement.  Stewards and Steward Candidates participated in outreach events across Anne Arundel County. Stewards Sandy Hartzell and Brenda Schwaab organized the Linthicum Community fair where WSA Stewards Lisa Bender, Carol Schenker, Sharon Schroer and Steward Candidate Jimm Rich managed an outreach booth. WSA Stewards trained Lindale Middle STEM students to operate the watershed model. Children and adults had hands on experience with the model, and the youngest fair-goers enjoyed an introduction to bay inhabitants through fish painting.

As part of his capstone project, Steward Candidate Bill Mitchell hosted Beers, Brauts and Barrels at his home in Heritage Harbor. Neighbors and community members observed a rain barrel installation and were introduced to the concept of a conservation landscape, which will be installed on the same site later this fall. Chris Gordon was also on site as an additional expert to answer questions about rain barrels and raingardens.