Steward Spotlight: Bob Keddell

Why did you become a Master Watershed Steward?
Environmental Education has always been a major part of my 40+ year education career.  I have enjoyed the privilege of helping youth and colleagues create State of Maryland Green School Status, fulfilled multiple Chesapeake Bay Trust Grants, participated in research with renowned Smithsonian Environmental Scientists in the local region as well as the country of Panama.  This was an opportunity to extend and improve my career emphasis.

Bob Keddell and Class 10 Environmental Literacy Candidate Tatiana Klein

Bob Keddell and Class 10 Environmental Literacy Candidate Tatiana Klein

How did you hear about WSA?
My participation at organizations like the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education and other conferences have helped me become aware of highly active environmental organizations like WSA.

Why is restoring the waterways important to you?
My first response is that I have been in more streams with kids than I can recall or count.  Water is magic when working with youth rather it is in the great outdoors or with an aquarium in a school.  Water quality always takes center stage right alongside the quality of life and learning.

Why did you choose to focus on environmental literacy?
I am an educator first and foremost.  My career spans opportunities to work with thousands of “at risk” or kids who need to get outdoors to feel whole.  There are really two parts then to “environmental literacy”.  (1.) “Environment” or an ability to understand and appreciate ecosystems and (2.) An ability to act upon that knowledge to maintain all that one learns through civic engagement.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned during the certification course?
I have often worked with informal education organizations and their environmental missions.  It was good for me to see and appreciate individual citizens’ missions to make a difference.

What was your favorite aspect of the Master Watershed Steward certification course?
Working in a collegial team to complete the capstone requirements.

What advice do you have for our Class 11 Steward Candidates?
Jump in the water, the water is cool.

How do you plan to continue engaging the community in your environmental efforts?
I have currently named myself a post capstone project entitled “PROJECT INTERGROW”. Rather it is successful or not it will be worth the mission behind the project – to bring environmental education in meaningful hands on ways to minority populations in Inner Annapolis.