Latin for Gardeners: Test Your Knowledge

December’s Native Maryland Plant: All of them!

Hello Master Gardeners and Watershed Stewards!

Winter is finally here, it’s time to take a rest from gardening, to enjoy the magic of the season and the holidays ahead. It’s also time for the end-of-year, just for fun quiz. The quiz is meant to help you visually recognize the plants featured this year, in their fall or winter dress, and to test your knowledge of their scientific names.

It’s always best to use the Latin name of plants when you recommend them to friends and the public – there’s only one Latin name for a plant so it avoids confusion and ensures people select the right plant when shopping at nurseries. The photos below were all taken in November or December, can you still recognize the plants?  I’ve also shown them in bloom to remind you of their beauty and value throughout the year. Don’t feel bad if you can’t match them all – Latin is not an easy language.  Good luck, or as they say in Latin, “Fortuna!”

Match the letter of each plant to the number of its blooming counterpart below.


Alison Milligan ~ MG Class of 2013
Mstr. Gardener / Mstr. Naturalist / Mstr. Watershed Steward
Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP)