Reports from the Field: Maintenance Corps at Mt. Moriah

Mt. Moriah after 2.5 hours.JPG

Our Maintenance Corps is getting to work! See the recap of the Corps’ most recent event from Team Lead and Master Watershed Steward Amy Clements below:

On Saturday, June 1, the WSA Maintenance Corps worked with Stewards and parishioners of Mt. Moriah AME Church on Bay Ridge Avenue in Annapolis. The original BMPs were installed as the capstone project of Jim Johnson and Betty Powell, Class 8 Master Watershed Stewards. Phil Colbert, a member of the current Master Watershed Steward class and a Mt. Moriah parishioner, is looking to build on the work done by the Class 8 Stewards.

 The stormwater conveyance we worked in on Saturday was planted along Bay Ridge Avenue which makes it highly visible to drivers and pedestrians. The group of 17 stewards and volunteers and the 2 WSA staff, Noelle and Josh, were able to make a huge difference at the site. We shoveled and disposed of the parking lot sediment which clogged the curb cut inlets. We removed many weeds, identified and welcomed volunteer native plants and cleared choking weeds from the remarkably healthy plants which have survived in this urban church lot. A few of the church volunteers cleared out the mid-parking lot BMP after seeing what we removed and what we kept in the street-side BMP.  We edged the planted area so the grass cutter would have an obvious line between garden and lawn. Steward Greg Brennan even divided and replanted some native seedlings!

 We did learn a few things on Saturday which might be helpful in future maintenance projects. Bring water in a big jug along with paper cups for those who don’t bring their own water. Bring a variety of snacks. Traffic cones are a necessity when the site is along a busy road like Bay Ridge Avenue. It is essential to have at least one person on site who can identify plants vs weeds and it was terrific having WSA support at this early maintenance project. Tools needed for these events are: flat shovels for removing sediment, flat rakes for smoothing or contouring the slopes and for removing leaves and debris, hand tools for weeding and a set of clippers – because who doesn’t need at least one set of clippers?

 The best part, as always, was working with so many enthusiastic volunteers. The Mt. Moriah folks removed all the bags of sediment, bags of weeds and took care of the removal of all trash. The Church was a great partner.

 A big thank you to the 10 Master Watershed Stewards, the 6 volunteers (including a munchkin, Nolan), the 5 members of Mt. Moriah AME congregation and the 2 WSA staff. You all made it a pleasure.

 The next event is going to be in Glen Burnie on Saturday, June 22 at 9:00 AM at the Empowering Believers Church, 7566 E. Howard Rd. Contact Amy Clements for information at or 410-279-5554. Hope to see lots of you there!

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