Capstone Projects & Steward Highlights

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Master Watershed Steward Certification Course is the planning and execution of a Capstone Project.  To earn certification, each Master Watershed Steward Candidate must complete a Capstone Project to practice the skills learned in the certification classes and build community partnerships for future restoration efforts. Capstone projects typically take about 6 months and 40-60 hours to complete.   

 There are four aspects to a successful Capstone Project:

1.       Community Assessment of the environmental and social aspects of the Steward’s community to identify the pollution sources and restoration opportunities that are most applicable to the community. 

2.      Outreach and education to the community about the assessment and actions that community members can take to reduce pollution.

3.      A RainScaping Project such as a rain garden, conservation landscape, tree planting or installation of several rain barrels.  Capstone projects should be visible, replicableand capture stormwater.

4.      Reflection and planning for future action.