Clean Lawn Care

The Clean Lawn Care program provides homeowners and their lawn care companies with a reliable way to maintain a healthy lush looking lawn using reduced risk products. This program was developed by turf management experts in collaboration with the Watershed Stewards Academy.


The Clean Lawn Care program:

  • Provides a clear protocol for Lawn Care Companies to reduce fertilizer, use integrated pest management and reduced risk chemicals when needed to manage disease, insect and weed problems.  
  • Works with nature to increase the health and thickness of your grass so that harmful chemicals can be reduced or eliminated so that runoff is reduced.

If you maintain your own lawn, see for healthy lawn care tips.

The following companies now offer Clean Lawn Care Services. These companies have attended a training, and have agreed to follow the Clean Lawn Care protocols.   WSA’s endorsement of this program does not imply endorsement of any specific company or other program offered by companies who carry Clean Lawn Care Services.    

Participating Companies:

The Watershed Stewards Academy advocates for the elimination of all fertilizers and pesticides wherever possible.  On turf lawns, it is essential to maintain dense plant cover to prevent sediment runoff. 

WSA encourages homeowners to consider reducing the size of their lawn by replacing unused lawn with native trees or shrubs.  This is especially critical in areas where grass does not grow easily, such as in dry shady areas, or sandy soils, and in lawns that border waterways.

In areas where turfgrass is desired by the property owner, we strongly suggest a diverse stand of walkable plants including varieties of grasses and broadleaf plants may be a sustainable way to maintain dense cover and reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides. 

For homeowners and property managers for whom traditional turfgrass lawns are preferred and are maintained by a lawncare professional, the Clean Lawn Care program will drastically reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticides that area applied to the lawn.  

In recognition that there are varying aesthetic preferences and tolerance for chemical treatments, there are two versions of Clean Lawn Care. 

Clean Lawn Care is a project of the Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy, in collaboration with turf management professionals. WSA’s endorsement of this program does not imply endorsement of any specific company or other program ooffered by companies who carry Clean Lawn Care services.

Is your company interested in offering Clean Lawn Care services? Please contact Suzanne Etgen for more information.