Environmental Literacy

The Watershed Stewards Academy will be offering an intensive training for adult volunteers who can support your existing environmental literacy programs. 

While many Stewards already work with their local school, we have created a specialized program to help Stewards engage specifically with your existing programs/needs. If you are interested in having a certified Master Watershed Steward support your school, please answer the brief survey below. 

Environmental Literacy Survey

Your response is needed no later than September 20th. While we cannot guarantee a Steward for every school, we will prioritize those who request help.  The Master Watershed Stewards will be matched with schools in early 2018, and may begin supporting your programs in Spring 2018.  A Master Watershed Steward may devote up to 40 hours per year to volunteering with your school. 

Your chances of being placed with a Master Watershed Steward will increase if you are able to identify or recruit a volunteer to go through the program.   Please broadcast this opportunity widely to your school community.  Applications for the Master Watershed Steward Certification Course are due no later than September 20th. 

Thank you for your interest in this program.  Please direct questions to: Suzanne Etgen (setgen@aacps.org or 443-871-0700)