What is GreenGive?

The GreenGive is a local, environmentally-focused, online initiative designed to both raise funds and expand residents’ and businesses’ engagement with local environmental organizations, issues, projects and actions.

On June 12-13, 2018, the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County communities are invited to join with us to support clean water in our own communities. Through an interactive online platform, individuals and businesses will be invited to invest in clean water by donating to any of the 12 GreenGive partners. We are also working to provide a matching opportunity for donors so that their donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000 per organization.

How can you participate?

  • Join us for the GreenGive Live Kick-off Party on Tuesday, June 12, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Eastport and donate during the party. It’s free, and we’d love to see you. 
  • Give online from wherever you are. Visit our GreenGive website for more information and details on how to donate.


How will your donation support WSA?

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Your contribution to WSA will support our Impact Fund. WSA's Impact Fund raises money for two important initiatives: RiverWise Congregations and Steward Projects.

Through our RiverWise Congregation Program, thousands of Anne Arundel County residents, many of whom are not traditionally engaged in watershed restoration efforts, are learning how to be responsible caretakers of our natural world. Your donation to our Impact Fund will allow us to reach more churches, mosques and synagogues. With each donation, we get closer to our vision of actively engaging every community in the county to ensure clean waters.

Throughout the last nine years, WSA has trained over 200 Master Watershed Stewards, representing over 100 communities around Anne Arundel County. Together, these leaders have installed over 2,300 projects, from rain barrels to stream restoration. With each project, communities are transformed and neighbors are inspired to take action. Your contribution to our Impact Fund will allow Stewards to install more projects, furthering our mission to develop citizen leaders to promote community change for clean water.