Report Steward Action

Each year, we expect Certified Master Watershed Stewards to:

  • Perform a minimum of 40 hours of community service in the form of Watershed Action.

  • Complete an additional 8 hours of Continuing Education.

    In order to maintain your annual certification as a Master Watershed Steward, you should plan to report your hours on a regular basis.  

Additional Information

Restoration project Form

  • The information you submit enters a database that tracks all projects installed under the leadership of our Stewards.

  • When you submit an entry, you help ensure a record in our database for each WSA Project in Anne Arundel County. You also help us achieve our goal of tracking and maintaining these projects going forward.

Steward Action Form

  • Please keep in mind that funding organizations are especially keen to know the number of hours our Stewards and volunteers have served--and the number of individuals they have engaged through their outreach efforts!

  • We no longer track attendance and hours at networking events. While Master Watershed Stewards are strongly encouraged to attend networking events throughout the year, WSA decided to focus the data collected in this form on service and continuing education--the most crucial requirements for recertification.

How does WSA use the data from these forms?

We use these forms to REPORT action, RAISE funds, and RECERTIFY Stewards.

  • REPORT: WSA reports the data to Anne Arundel County and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) on an annual basis.

  • RAISE: We use this information to raise money from additional grant-funding organizations and private donors. Your submissions help us to demonstrate the impact that WSA has on reducing stormwater in our watersheds, and in turn, helps guarantee that we will be able to build our programs going forward.

  • RECERTIFY: WSA uses these forms to ensure that their Master Watershed Stewards have completed their service and continuing education requirements. Stewards are recertified on an annual basis.