Steward Action Groups


The Maintenance Corps gathers Stewards to work on projects across the county! This group aims to educate and empower communities, congregations and other constituents by working with them on project maintenance! If you’d like to attend a maintenance event, please contact Amy Clements at

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The RSA Group performs Residential Site Assessments across Anne Arundel County. If you’re interested in attending an RSA Group meeting, please contact Team Lead, Jan Atwood at

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The Monitoring Group works with the Outreach Coordinator to monitor projects installed by Stewards. If you are interested in BMP monitoring, please contact Haley Denton at to find out how you can get involved! 

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Environmental Literacy GROUP

The Environmental Literacy Group works with the Program Coordinator to support WSA’s engagement with school-age children. Stewards in this group include the members of Class 10 and 11’s Environmental Literacy Track, as well as Stewards trained in earlier classes who are interested in working with children. If you would like to join the Environmental Literacy Group, please contact Tatiana Klein at to find out how you can get involved!