Report Your Steward Action


All Master Watershed Stewards and Steward Candidates in Anne Arundel County.


To measure our collective effect on watershed restoration. 

To keep your Master Watershed Steward Certification. An overview of requirements are below.


Often! Preferably as actions are occurring.


Via the Steward Action Form. This form can be accessed via computer or tablet or smart phone. So whether you're in the field reporting as you go or inputting your data once a month, it's easy to access by clicking the button on the right.


  • One-Time Outreach Events such as:
    • Earth Day booth
    • Presentation at garden club meeting
  • Recurring Education / Outreach Work such as:
    • Severn River Association meetings
    • Weekly radio program
    • Writing for newsletter
  • Restoration Projects such as:
    • Rain garden installation
    • Invasives removal
  • Continuing Education such as:
    • WSA Annual Conference
    • Severn River Association Educational Series
  • Networking Events such as:
    • Green Drinks Annapolis
  • Residential or Neighborhood Assessments

Re-Certification Requirements

Provision of at least 40 hours of community service in the form of Watershed Action

  • "Watershed Action" includes community outreach or restoration

Completion of at least 8 hours of Continuing Education

  • "Continuing Education" includes formal lectures, workshops, or classes by WSA or another reputable entity

Attendance of at least 3 Master Watershed Steward Networking Meetings

  • "Networking Meetings" include the WSA Annual Conference, WSA Graduation, Candidates' Capstone Presentation Night, WSA-organized networking events, or any other time five or more Stewards get together