WSA envisions every community in Anne Arundel County  actively engaged to ensure clean waters. We are working towards our vision by restoring the waterways of Anne Arundel County through an innovative educational model that has rallied communities from Brooklyn Park to Herring Bay. 

Our rigorous training program has prepared more than 160 Master Watershed Stewards to lead communities to action for cleaner water. In just a few short years, Stewards have implemented hundreds of in-the-ground projects and motivated thousands of citizens to make a real difference for our local waterways.  


WSA opens applications for our annual Certification Course each summer. Click here to find out how you can become a Master Watershed Steward!

 Support WSA

Volunteer with a local Watershed Steward. Learn about actions that reduce pollution.  Support real action for clean water through your tax deductible donations.   

Take Action

   Through our Master Watershed             Stewards, we offer technical            assistance for individuals, groups, and neighborhoods, to take action to improve the health of our waterways. 

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