Find Your Nearest Watershed Steward

Search below by your addresscity, or zip code to locate your nearest Steward.  To contact the Steward, use the email address under their name. If the email address ends in, be sure to specify the name of the Steward you are trying to reach in the email. You may choose to contact all of the Stewards in your watershed by using the group watershed emails below the map.  To contact Stewards representing faith congregations, use the group email below the map.

If you have a question about a watershed issue, a Master Watershed Steward may be able to help! Choose a link below to e-mail all of the master watershed stewards within a watershed or geographic area, or use our searchable map to find the Steward closest to you and contact them directly!

Click here for a complete list of Certified Master Watershed Stewards near you.

If you don’t have a Master Watershed Steward in your area, consider becoming one.


                         Faith Based Stewards (Stewards affiliated with faith congregations)                  


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