WSA’s Annual Conference: Spring into Action

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2017 8:30 AM- 4 PM



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Whether you are a seasoned Steward, a stormwater professional or just getting started in the wide world of watershed restoration, this year’s conference has something for everyone. 


Network with Stewards, restoration professionals, funders and community advocates who are working for clean Anne Arundel County waterways.

Learn the latest restoration and outreach techniques. 

Get Inspired to lead your community to action for clean water! 


This year’s conference opens with a keynote address from Chesapeake Bay Program’s Nick DiPasquale, and features 4 Tracks: 

 In the Ground- Actions for Clean Water, featuring nationally recognized landscape architect and author, Larry Weaner, interactive tours of restoration projects large and small.

Neighbor to Neighbor- Conversations for Clean Water, featuring guidance on having difficult conversations from Congressman Wayne Gilchrest and Councilman Chris Trumbauer and tips on engaging your neighbors from Steward Alison Milligan.

WSA Pro – our first ever track just for restoration professionals, featuring BioHabitat’s Senior Scientist Peter May, South River Federation’s Kirk Mantay and information on funding  large scale projects.

Collective Action – Collaborating for Clean Water, featuring real world examples of successful collaborations such as the One Hundred Acre Wood project in Bay Ridge and a conversation with the stars of Groundswell Rising, a documentary featuring collective community action to reduce pollution.  

 See the full conference agenda here! 

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Brenda Schwaab and Sandy Hartzell

Brenda Schwaab and Sandy Hartzell

Betsy Love and Sandie Kirkland

Betsy Love and Sandie Kirkland

Consortium Members of the Year 2015

Jeff Reagan 

Jeff Reagan 

Grace Schneider

Grace Schneider

The Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy Honors Master Watershed Stewards and Consortium Members for their Impact on Waterway Restoration  

Each year the Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy honors volunteer Master Watershed Stewards and the environmental professionals who support their action for clean water.  The Master Watershed Steward of the Year is awarded to Stewards who excel in engaging their communities to reduce pollution. The Consortium Member of the Year is awarded to an environmental professional who makes a significant impact on projects for clean water. 

Master Watershed Steward of the Year Awards

Master Watershed Stewards Sandy Hartzell and Brenda Schwaab of were honored for leading restoration efforts in both their residential community and their religious congregation.  Through WSA’s Clean Water Communities program, Sandy and Brenda mentored 10 neighbors to reduce their polluted runoff by 20%, preventing over 100,000 gallons of polluted runoff from entering Marley Creek each year.  Through the RiverWise Congregations program, Sandy and Brenda led the installation of 5 bio-retention plantings totaling 8,950 square feet, 471 native plants and shrubs, and a 1,320 square foot rock swale at their congregation,  St.  John’sLutheran Church. 

Master Watershed Stewards, Sandie Kirkland and Betsy Love also received the Steward of the Year Award for their work at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Eastport.  Stewards Betsy Love has led the efforts to restore a significant portion of Back Creek.  Her project, situated on property owned by their church, will treat polluted runoff from 24 acres of the densely developed Eastport community surrounding the church and to use the resulting practice to connect the local community to our waterways. 

Sandie Kirkland has partnered on that project to control the invasive plants that threatened to overrun the project.  Over the last year, she created a critical area buffer invasive management plan and lead crews for 6 long workdays to remove invasive plants.  On the 7th day the volunteers re-forested this area.   Additionally, she has created a plan for the continued suppression of these invasive plants so that the stormwater project will be effective.   

WSA Consortium Member of the Year Awards

Grace Schneider of McHale Landscaping and Jeff Reagan of Maryland Environmental Service received the WSA Consortium Member of the Year Award. 

Grace Schneider was awarded for her valuable input and implementation of the Clean Water Communities program in Linthicum where she served as the project manager for the installation of the RainScaping practices and for her role as an instructor of the Master Watershed Steward Certification Course and mentor for Steward Capstone projects. 

Jeff Reagan received the award for his support and engagement of Consortium Members through the facilitation of several professional education classes.  Jeff has been instrumental in introducing and connecting new environmental professionals to the Watershed Stewards Academy, thus widening our network of expertise.