Clean Water Communities  connects neighborhoods with the tools to reduce stormwater pollution and improve the health of our waterways.  By changing old habits and installing new landscape features, communities will reduce pollution and earn a designation as a Clean Water Community.  This year, through Clean Water Communities program, two communities from the South or Severn River watershed will gain access to training, technical assistance, a community-wide environmental assessment and individual yard visits to help residents identify opportunities to reduce pollution and beautify their yards.


Clean Water Communities includes:

A comprehensive Community Assessment to determine the pollution sources and opportunities for environmental restoration within the community.  Both large and small scale project opportunities will be identified and prioritized in order of effectivenessand cost.

Training and Technical Assistance

  • Each community will be provided with an introductory environmental training from one of the region’s renowned environmental education and restoration institutions, the Watershed Stewards Academy.  This training will be delivered to a minimum of 15 of your community members. 
  • Two Master Watershed Stewards trained through the Watershed Stewards Academy.
  • Educational yard visits for at least 10 residents to determine environmental practices that would best reduce polluted runoff. 
  • Access to WSA’s toolbox of educational and restoration resources and its 80 member Consortium of Support Professionals.

Funding and/or grant writing assistance to implement restoration projects identified in the assessment.

Think your community may be interested in Clean Water Communities?  Want to learn more? Please contact Suzanne Etgen,