Backyard Buffers

Thank you for another successful year of the Backyard Buffer program!

Orders for our 2018 Backyard Buffer program are now closed.


what is the backyard buffer program?

The Backyard Buffer program, supported by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources,  provides Anne Arundel County homeowners free trees and shrubs to create a native woodland buffer.

why should i plant a buffer?

A woodland buffer enhances your landscape, creates habitat for wildlife and reduces the amount of sediment, fertilizer, and toxic materials that enter our waterways. Deep-rooted trees and shrubs can also stabilize stream banks, protecting them from erosion. 

Where can I plant my Buffer?

Buffers can be planted near any area where rain water flows. For example:

  • Near roadside ditches
  • Downhill from hard surfaces such as parking lots or rooftops
  • In areas that flood
  • Along streams, creeks, or rivers

How do I know what buffer is right for my area?

  • Small Bundles (SOLD OUT) include nine shrub seedlings and are intended for properties with as little as 350 square feet of available planting space
  • Large Dry Bundles include 15 tree seedlings and are intended for properties with .5 acre of available planting space. The tree species in this bundle need to be planted in an area which will have well drained soil, and not have standing water
  • Large Moist Bundles (SOLD OUT) include 15 tree seedlings and are intended for properties with .5 acre of available planting space

What's in a bundle?

  • View bundle contents here

How many bundles can I order?

  • If you have a large property you may order more than one bundle. Please contact the Watershed Stewards Academy if ordering more than three bundles

What is the cost?

  • The seedlings are free. A $10 donation per bundle is appreciated

How do I plant my buffer?

  • A free workshop on April 5th at Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center will cover ground preparation, tree spacing, tree planting, deer protection, and maintenance