Non-Toxic Household Products

Household hazardous wastes (HHW) include paints, cleaners, batteries, motor oil, nail polish, weed killers and drain treatments. Most of us have 50 to 100 pounds of HHW in our homes. While some products are essential to our everyday lives, HHW contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to both people and the environment.

What you can do ...

  • Become familiar with the dozens of common products in your home, garage and shed that contain hazardous or toxic substances.
  • Follow the directions on the label so you use only what's needed. Twice as much doesn't mean twice the results!
  • Whether it's motor oil or paint thinner, make an effort to follow the safe (and legal) means of disposal. Never throw HHW down a drain, into the trash or onto your lawn or driveway!
  • Discover non-toxic alternatives to HHW. There are many fast and easy cleaning recipes using items you probably already have, such as baking soda, lemon juice and corn starch. Also, many companies offer non-toxic, all-natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Switch from disposable batteries to rechargeable batteries, which can be used again and again.
  • Take preventative measures to control pests around the home, rather than using chemical sprays to solve your pest problems.

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