Conservation Landscapes

Conservation Landscapes are areas planted with locally native plants, designed to provide wildlife habitat, clean water and reduce the use of energy and chemicals. In areas where poor drainage prevents rain gardens, conservation landscapes use plants to absorb storm-water runoff. 

For a list of contractors, please visit WSA's Connect and Collaborate page

When looking for a contractor:
           1.  Ask for references (You want to be sure that the work they have done was                          completed in a timely manner, at a sufficient level of quality, within the                                  contracted price)
           2. Ask to see completed work done by the contractor
           3. Approach at least 3 different contractors for quotes(You want to have a good                      understanding of the market to ensure that you are getting a reasonable quote)
           4. Ensure your contract includes plans, costs, and timelines
           5. Your contractor can find more information about installing this practice in the                      Watershed Stewards Academy Rainscaping Guide For Contractors

For information on funding your project, please visit our Resources Page to view our Grant Assistance Cheat Sheet